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Daydream 37"x44" Original Painting - 0
Daydream 37"x44" Original Painting - 1
Daydream 37"x44" Original Painting
1770 USD

This large scale, 37"x44″, "Daydream", inspired by a design of James Dames. He was always appreciative of the time Jolene spent writing and wanted to create a design for her paint that would reflect the power of words through the use of paint.

What also makes this piece unique is that it is hand painted on my exclusive collapsable canvases to save you money on shipping and framing costs. These gallery wrapped high quality collapsable canvases require no frame and are ready to hang once assembled (it’s super easy!). Not only are they cost effective for shipping my large artwork, they require no framing! The two inch gallery wrapped sides are painted black for a sleek finish and to enhance the painting. They are sturdy and look great on any wall.

Do you have a photograph or design you want painted on a large scale canvas? Please contact us for custom orders.