Made by Dames


Jolene's career painting sets for movies, television and theater has had the biggest influence on her work as a painter and designer. She is a self taught artist who hand paints large scale works of art based on the designs and photography of James Dames. She works with individuals, decorators and designers to create artwork for homes, businesses, feature films, television and theater.

Jolene and James Dames are Pittsburgh based artists. They were working on the same movie when they first met and have been inseparable ever since. Collectively they have worked on over 60 feature films, dozens of television shows and theatrical performances in Pittsburgh and across the United States. It was only a matter of time that they would form “Made by Dames”, home to the paintings and designs of Jolene and James Dames.

James is a filmmaker and photographer turned painter and Jolene is a filmmaker, painter turned photographer. With this unique combination, James brought to the table what Jolene was missing and vice versa. Their collaborations are more of an event than a process because of their ability to work seamlessly together.

Their work has evolved into the paintings you see at Made by Dames where James designs each piece and Jolene paints his design on large scale canvases. Their creative careers have afforded them years of techniques and each painting is a rare opportunity where all their creative skills come together.

James and Jolene have traveled the world together with 20 some countries and hundreds of cities between them. They enjoy traveling so much they created The Globe Squatters: Two artists on a little adventure house sitting their way around the world.

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